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Five Things to do in Seoul During Autumn

After months of planning, we finally pull off this travel to celebrate our 20 years of friendship! We initially just want any date during the peak of foliage until our schedules match the end of October. This means Halloween parties at night and scenic autumn tours at day. Let me share five things from our recent Seoul travel.

Photography Thailand

Mae Klong Railway

The famous old Mae Klong train market since 1905 outside Bangkok creates dramatic and stunning photos. Too many elements from the old colourful buildings, broken makeshift tents to random people on their daily lives. Local vendors line up their stalls along the tracks and rush to clear it when the train signals to pass.


Hanoi Beer Street

The famous beer street in Old Quarter, Hanoi is a crowded place (elbow to elbow) full of local bars and restaurants with so many people sitting on low plastic /wooden stools. It’s also known as International crossroad drawing all locals and foreigners.