Getting a Multiple Visa (Japan) in Bangkok

Ginza, Kyoto

Japanese visa is one of the powerful visas to have for some nationalities like Filipinos because it gives you free access to some countries like Turkey, Georgia, Mexico etc. without the need of securing separate visas. If you are in Bangkok, here is a walk through of getting a multiple tourist visa.

  1. Completely filled-out application form. Download it from this site. Different languages and in QR and non-QR forms are here.
  2. One photo, 2×2 with plain background
  3. Completely filled-out questionnaire with your signature.
  4. One photocopy of the bio-page of your current passport. Bring ALL your passports (old and current). No need for photocopy.
  5. Bring original and photocopy of your work permit.
  6. Letter of employment with your position, salary and start of work.
  7. Letter to the Consul explaining why you need a multiple tourist visa. I put Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 and Sakura festival in April 2020.
  8. Schedule of Stay or Itinerary in Japan.
  9. Book hostel/accommodation (do not pay yet) in or agoda by clicking pay on arrival with free cancellation.
  10. Original bank book with 6 months of transactions and a photocopy. Letter from the bank is only supplementary.
  11. Here is the checklist from the official visa page.
  12. Do not book flights yet without your visa.

That’s it! You are good to go at 1 Pacific Place 9F just few steps away from Nana BTS station (directions). Pay the visa fees (FREE for Filipinos except service fee of THB595!) in cash only.

Submission and collection is Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 6pm. It will only take a week!

Gion, Kyoto

P.S. The reason why I’m summarizing visa application processes (required) is for friends or even strangers asking me how I got my visas. It’s easier to give the link 🙂

Miyajima Island

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