Nami Island of Love

This half-moon shaped island is fondly called the Island of Love from a popular K-Drama Winter Sonata. It's easily accessible from Seoul but with 3 million visitors each year, expect random strangers on your photos.

Some areas still have hues of green.
Yes, this is the reality. Everyone’s out there to enjoy the foliage.
Nobody can stop Ramar! Crowd is just a number.
Unfocused but love the smile. Feeling Liza but came out Enrique.
Thinking of dinner or you? Pwede namang both.
Mama Tyra would be proud. “Never dull your shine for somebody else.” Actually, this is his look every time he has a medical patient. i.e. The Yengs of Public Hospitals. FIERCE.
Maple Tree Lane [I was trying to be artistic with that red shadow, obviously, a big fail]
Smell the leaves not the flowers.
The only one photo remaining in my SD card for this guy. [They “move” their photos instead of “copy”]
Eto yung salarin. He was the one who moved the photos. This post should be titled ALL ABOUT RAMAR. šŸ™‚
Obligatory group photo. Miss you guys! Until the next. [This photo was also deleted but good thing I have one in my phone]

2 comments on “Nami Island of Love

  1. All that glitters is this…!! Splendid.

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