Mt Seorak, South Korea

Taken at the top of Seorak-san via a cable car for 5 minutes (10,000 KRW or 9USD)
You can see Seoul from above
My friend Ramar on our hiking way to Biryong Falls
Seorak-san activities are limited to hiking to Biryong waterfalls, taking a cable car and praying to an old temple
Seorak is a good place to visit but travelling 3 hours from Seoul (one way) takes a lot of time
Hiking takes 1 hour to Biryong falls so taking some time off (on a stone haha) is probably a good idea
Trail hike photos
More trail hike photos
Me pretending hiking is love hahah I was asked to try their new preset/hue in lightroom so these photos differ with my usual vibrant photos
My slant eyes from top view (We were not informed part of the travel involves hiking)
Mama Tyra Banks approved!
The bridges along the trails are perfect for photo-ops
Small pools (you can go down to refresh yourself)
Convenient walkways
Long step ladders
More ladders to make it convenient for hikers
Unfocused but I just have to post this bridge photo
Biryong waterfalls (end goal) is underwhelming but the beautiful autumn trail made up for it
My friend is a BTS army (BTS Korean fan group)
I’ve always been proud of him! He is a medical doctor, btw!
Us in our wide faces hahha
I will try to make an autumn travel guide to South Korea in one post next time 🙂


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