Hanoi Beer Street

The famous beer street in Old Quarter, Hanoi
It’s also known as International crossroad drawing all locals and foreigners.
It’s full of local bars and restaurants
People sitting on low plastic /wooden stools
Include people watching in your Hanoi itinerary. It is just amazing to see locals on their daily routine smiling and talking to other people.
Night photography is the hardest so you may have noticed the low quality! 
Hanoi is about beer, coffee and old culture.
Try the underrated Bamboo Beef. It’s very flavorful that comes with a tasty broth. If you are not into the usual Viet cuisine, try this dish. 
Egg coffee is a must-try
Local Bia Hoi
Try the Chicken Pho for breakfast (Thanks GM Simon!) Photo by: Mary
Thanks Mary for joining me in this trip! (photo by: Mary)
Thanks to the GM Simon for showing us on our day 1! (Photo by: Mary)
This is the local competitor of Starbucks in Hanoi (Pls try it!)
We stayed in Prince II hotel (location was great except that there is no elevator, which is common in Hanoi as houses are narrow)

Note: We did not walk around Hanoi as too hot so mostly, we go out at night only. Will go back when the weather is better. Thanks to Prince II hostel and to GM Simon!


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