Ninh Binh, Vietnam in Photos

Kong Temple
Shooting location of the Skull Island. There are no villagers but men posing as actors for a fee
It would have been great to stay but the burning heat is too much
The village looks like a cut-out from the movie
Locals being tourists
A man posing as one of the imagined aboriginal folks of the Skull Island
Old limestone karsts age millions of years
Tourists on a Sampan boat, effectively the best way to explore the area
Most boat rowers are women. Vietnam is traditionally a matriarchal society.
Sampan boat originated from old Chinese traders
A small Sampan boat is the only way to navigate the narrow holes inside the caves
Trang An underground caves have jagged and pointy stalactites dangerously hanging low
Rough and rugged limestone mountains all over the nature’s complex


  1. Unreal photos! I’ve been living in Ho Chi Minh City for a year but I haven’t had much of a chance to explore this beautiful country yet because of work. I’ll have to get to Ninh Binh at some point by the looks of these photos.

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