Ratchaburi, Thailand in Photos

1. Snake Mountains filled with monkeys

Snake Mountains

2. Hold your horses seems the dominant phrase

Horse farms are everywhere

3. Yep, another one.

4. And another one.

This is the Swiss farm area (sorry I removed the logo)

5. You don’t need to fly miles and miles away to Sth America just to see Alpacas.

Alpacas lounging on a hot afternoon

6. Sheep, too.

7. Bolivia’s pink flamingos are one of the world’s rarest. But, you can just run after them in Ratchaburi.

My first time to see pink flamingos was in Bolivia! This is a rare one.

8. Hike and jump.

The mountainous backdrop is beautiful!

9. That’s it! Lol.

Yep, those are houses.


  1. Cool pictures, Levi. I remember the name Ratchaburi being recommended by one of our drivers while I was visiting Bangkok in 2017. Not sure if we end up there. Seeing your photos of that place confirms that I haven’t been there…:-(. There’s a lot to see. I am in love with Chang Mai though. A serene place of all.

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