Chinatown Bangkok

The Chinatown Yaowarat is a fascinating colorful night market. It's a chaotic street with food stalls flocked by both locals and foreigners unmindful of Bangkok's humidity. The neighborhood boasts both exotic and common finds full of interesting surprises.

If you don’t mind the crowd, go at night to see bursts of colors
Old Food Market with 200+ of history
Tuktuk, the legendary local Thai transport, is everywhere
Food stalls around Bangkok
It’s amazing watching this local play with fire
If you love seafoods, it’s cheap here
Yellow is for the King (Apr-May’19 is King’s coronation months)
Peking Duck
Durian fruit is everywhere!

3 comments on “Chinatown Bangkok

  1. So many beautiful colors! I was watching Street Food on Netflix this week and the first episode was about Bangkok. Oh my gosh… Made me want to go just for the food. Especially to try the Tom Yum soup. (I LOVE soup.)

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  2. Yaowarat is one of my favorite place to hunt for food street in Bangkok!


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