Longmen Grottoes in Photos

120 CNY entrance fee
Long shot at the other side of the river Yi
Start of the long walk near the river
Man-made stairs to view inside of the rock caves
Headless Buddha inside one of the thousands rock caves
The rock caves are similar with the caves in Uplistsikhe, Georgia (last photo)
One last look


  1. Great place! Can you share how you went here, like the tour package or travel routes you did including price if you can still remember, and the travel time? Thanks!

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    1. Hi Diana! It was just a side trip. We took the North Rail in Xi’an City (85 to 120 CNY depends on your seat). Tell the lady at the ticket counter “Louyang”. Get down at Louyang station after 2 to 3 hours. From there, if you are in a group, just take the taxi for 10USD and he will bring you to the entrance. I remember that the entrance fee is 100CNY plus 20 CNY for the mini-bus to the main rocks (15 mins). You may decide to walk (but in the caves/rocks area, you will walk a lot too so just take the minibus. I think 5 kms total stretch.) Hopefully, it helps!


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