Spring in Shanghai

I had never experienced the full bloom of cherry blossoms. My best was in Busan, South Korea 2 years ago on the tail end of spring’s most beautiful season. When I heard about Shanghai having their own Spring festival, I got excited!

The main venue is in Gucun Park, 30 minutes from the Bund Avenue. You would need at least half a day. If you are coming from East Nanjing Area (Bund), take Line 2 going to Xujing East, alight in Jiang-an Temple and transfer to Line 7 going to Melianhu. Stop at Gucun Park station, exit 2. Total metro cost is 5 CNY or 0.7 USD.

Me in red coat and my friend Dessa in green. Spring colours. Or Chrismassy? hh

Gucun Park is a theme park for families so don’t be bothered with too many children along the pathway en route to the rides at the left end. There are traditional snack foods, bikes to rent, kayaks on the lake and other activities you would expect on a weekend get-away park.

Entrance fee is 20 CNY

A little bit cold at 20C! With the winds blowing from I didn’t know where, it felt like 15C. If you intend to look for a traditional coffee, don’t. Only Costa sells coffee at 40CNY per cup.

The Sakuras were not yet blooming but there were tree flowers as beautiful as the blossoms. So, stil worth the trip.

There are GAP and Adidas factory stores nearby the Gucun Metro Station if you intend to shop. But if you live in Bangkok (Thailand), it’s not worth it.

I am posting TIPS for travelling to Shanghai and Things to Do in 3 days on the next few days so watch out for it!


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