Hiroshima, Japan (Photography)

Hiroshima is the first city to experience a nuclear attack. It’s worth visiting to connect yourself with the city and their experiences. There is a free bus around the city so you can just hop on and off. Further read my post Budget Tips when travelling around Japan to get tips and tricks. One day is enough, you can go to Miyajima Island to see the famous Itsukushima shrine after.

Atomic Bomb Dome

This is one of the few buildings that remain standing after the 1945 bombing. The bomb was codenamed ‘Little Boy’.

Cenotaph for the A-Bomb Victims

The shape is to shield the victims from the rain. Directly behind it is a Peace Flame lit until the day that all nuclear weapons are destroyed (53 years and still going).

Hiroshima Castle

The castle was used as a war headquarter. It was also destroyed during the bombing  but a replica was built serving as a present museum of Hiroshima’s history.

Torii gate near Hiroshima Castle

Shinto shrines are gated with a Torii to symbolizes one’s step to sanctity.

The rightmost boy gave me a paper crane and I just found out that it is a popular gift to bestow a thousand years of happiness and prosperity.

As opposed to my unfriendly expectation, the people are actually nice (and helpful with directions).

Downtown Hiroshima

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