Budget Travel Tips for Sydney, Australia

The Opera House

Budget Travel Tips:

  1. Buy Opal card to pay for local transport. This will save you a lot of time (avoid lines) and money. It is available in convenience stores for a minimum $10 top up, all consumables. No need to refund, just plan well how much to top up.
  2. From Sydney airport to the City – Take Bus 400 going to Bondi Junction and alight at the first stopover Mascot Station in 8- 10 mins (cost: $2.6). The bus stop Mascot is on Bourke Road, walk on your left to the intersection, turn right to Coward street and you’ll see Mascot train station. Take the train to your destination i.e. Central Station ($4.1). This will save you 10-15$.
  3. From City to Sydney Airport – take the train to Mascot station. Go up / Exit to Coward Street, walk on your left to Bourke Road. Turn left and on your right is the bus stop for 400 to Burwood going to Terminal 1 and 3 Airports. This will save you 10-15$.
  4. Avail of the free guided walking tour. Just go to George Street behind St. Andrews Cathedral and Town Hall. It’s free and full of info / tips not available in the internet. They will take you around Sydney, good for 1 day!
  5. Download an offline map. There is no public wifi on most areas. Ever reliable is maps.me offline map.
  6. Book hostel near the opera house for $20-25 a night via booking.com. Only choose pay on arrival. When in the airport, browse booking.com in any case there are cheaper rooms. Some hotels/hostels lower their price a night before or during the day to avoid vacant rooms.
  7. Every Saturday at 8pm, there is a fireworks display in the opera house.
  8. Use skyscanner.com to look for cheap flights but don’t book via skyscanner, go to the airline’s main website.
  9. There are free water stations installed on the streets (i.e along the Macquarie road to the Opera house).
  10. Australians are very friendly. Ask directions.
  11. Always check the weather forecast to avoid booking on rainy days.
Victoria Building
Sydney Harbour
Luna Park
It’s autumn but still hot!
Photo shared by Mary. Behind us is the Harbour Bridge & Opera House.
Thank you ate Cheryl for lunch, dessert and free room (Photo shared by Mary)
Thanks to Manong Arnold for serving dinner and taking me to Featherdale! To Keith, for letting me teach him about basic photography. Thanks to April & hubby too for meeting me for dinner! So much gratitude.


  1. I wish I would have found your blog months earlier ! I have been to Australia and I have tried to do it on a tight budget as much as I could, cause it’s an expensive country, especially for tours. I wrote a few posts about my time in Australia on my blog. I must say you got nice colorfull pictures, you most have a good camera, all my pics are taken with my Huawei phonecamera. I’m going to grab a tea and some cookies and sit down and read some of your experiences “Down Under” – Cheers

    Pol (Belgium)

    ps : You also welcome on my blog , cheers and have good one

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pol, thank you so much. I checked your blog and saw your cover pic in Easter Island. Do you have an itinerary for that? How did you fly? Straight from Santiago? Which airline? Any budget tips? 🙂 Planning to travel in Sth America in September. Thank you in advance!


      1. hi,
        thanks for visiting my blog, there is more then just the coverpicture of Easter Island, if you click on the continent of South america you will see a list pop out of the countries that I visited there, if you click on Chile, a new page will open with Sand Pedro Atacam, if you scroll down you will see my post about Easter Island, but I can give you the direct link here : http://wp.me/p6B4tu-8l
        I went with LAN Airlines it’s a Chilean company from Santiago. You can also go from Lima directly to Easter Island but there are more flights from Santiago and its cheaper then from Peru. I stayed in Kona Tau hostel and I had a good 4 day stay there. With 4 other hostelfriends we rented a small jeep to tour the island 1 day and see all the Moa statues, well the most important ones and the other days was hiking time. I heard Easter Island was expensive, but it wasn’t that bad, there are stores where you can buy your own food and prepare it yourself at the hostel, so you can do it on a budget. I also had dinner in 2 restaurants and the prices where not more expensive then in my country. It has been 3 years now, time goes fast so I don’t remember everything in detail, but I didn’t go over my budget for this trip. You are welcome on my blog to like my post, comments follow and if I can help with anything just ask ! Greetings to you

        Liked by 1 person

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