My 2016 in Photos and What I learned throughout the Year

1.Treasure life. Value each and every moment you have. For you’ll never know when it’s going to stop. Look deeper and be thankful of what you have and what you had become.

New Year 2016 in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia
New Year 2016 in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia
Christmas 2016 in Sichuan, China
Christmas 2016 in Sichuan, China

2. Life is never a straight course. It has kinks and spins. But, it’ll never stop you to choose happiness or the desire to live with courage and kindness. Choose to stand up and never to stand down.

Petchaburi, Thailand [Nov'16]
Petchaburi, Thailand [Nov’16]

3. If things are not going great, remember you’re tougher than what you think. Wallow in sadness but help yourself out. Slowly, start all over again.

Himeji, Japan [Oct '2016] then headed to HK and Macau
Himeji, Japan [Oct ‘2016] then headed to HK and Macau
Hong Kong [Oct'2016]
Hong Kong [Oct’2016]

4.Only you can define your limit. Or the things you are capable of. You can do anything if you have the will to want it. Badly.

Thailand [Sep'2016]
Thailand [Sep’2016]
Grand Canyon [Sep'16]
Grand Canyon [Sep’16]

 5. Generally, you always have the choice. No one can intimidate you unless you let them to. No one can make you miserable unless you let yourself be. Don’t let someone make you feel inferior or unappealing.

Pangsida, Thailand [Jul'2016]
Pangsida, Thailand [Jul’2016]

6. Never let the not-so-good things get the best of you. No matter what the world says to you or how the world sees you, be the person you want to be. With conscience, dignity and human decency.

Jeju Island [Apr 2016]
Jeju Island [Apr 2016]
Busan [Apr'16]
Busan [Apr’16]
Seoul [April 2016]
Seoul [April 2016]

7. If you think you’ll never be able to move on, push through beyond the memories. Heal and create new ones.

Halong Bay, Vietnam [Feb'2016]
Halong Bay, Vietnam [Feb’2016]
Luang Prabang, Laos [Feb'16]
Luang Prabang, Laos [Feb’16]

8. Learn to laugh again. Genuinely. Smile, not the fake ones but the real deal. Do this for yourself. You don’t need to have it all figured out. Just live. Enjoy.


9. Put yourself first but be considerate of the struggles around you. Close your doors to negativities. Appreciate the people around you.


10. Cherish the good times. Be grateful and let this new year be your year. 

Beijing, China
Beijing, China

Thank you to everyone who became part of my 2016. Cheers to more travels. Cheers to life.


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