Chonburi’s Grand Canyon and Snow Mountain

I’ve been away from blogging for almost two months now. I got a bit busy with some personal things. Also, I only have 2% remaining space with this blog site and I’m still thinking whether to register it at $18/year or time to stop and move on.

Anyway, I just have to share you my travel photos of the so-called Thailand’s Grand Canyon and Snow Mountain. I don’t usually post photos with people’s faces (friends and travel companions) but I am making this an exception. This could be my last blog post so why not. [After this post, it’s 0% space! haha]


The so-called Grand Canyon in Chonburi, Thailand offers a good view of the surrounding mountains and of the man-made lake below the view-point. It’s actually a remnant of an excavation years ago then eventually shaped by nature to become what it is today. The place is not accessible by public transportation so you have to drive over or hire a cab.


Train tracks
Train tracks


dsc_0230_0 dsc_0155_0


The Snow Mountain is not really full of snow but of white rocks. It’s fascinating and offers a beautiful backdrop for a photo shoot. It’s great for a prenup concept!


dsc_0061_0dsc_0102_0dsc_1294_0 dsc_1301_0


Side note: I and Dessa will be flying to Japan for 2 weeks in October (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Miyaji Island, Sapporo & Hakodate in Hokkaido, Fuji, and Nara). Our budget is only $1,300 (hopefully, we can make it alive!). Can anyone recommend a budget hostel and/or some tips how to survive in Japan? I’ll gladly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

[Friends, if you want your photos to be deleted, send me a message.]


  1. Thanks for liking my posts! Anyway, They say try looking for a Ryokan—basically like living in a host’s house. Many people say this is great if you want to experience traditional Japanese living, plus they’re cheaper. I cannot personally give any advice on this since we were in a hotel but in Kyoto, we tried a guesthouse. Kaede guesthouse a few walks away from Kyoto station. You can choose among Family room, private room (for 2–own washroom about $100 a night), or cheapest would be dormitory with bunk beds (common washroom–about $20-30 a night?). They have a common kitchen and a courtesy coffee, tea, and breakfast. Free wifi too!

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    1. Hello Midee!!! Thank you so much for the info! We will try it! I love the location if it’s just few walks away from Kyoto Station. It is also within our budget if $20-30/night! Perfect actually especially with the free breakfast and wifi. Do you think spending 2 days/2nights in Kyoto is enough? Thank you! (Do you have a blog post about it?)


      1. We spent a day and it was not enough at all. We only went to Arashiyama bamboo forest and Fushimi Inari shrine. I believe there are more to discover in Kyoto but we ran out of time. So maybe 2 days at least, depending on your plans. We are actually planning to return maybe next year, with focus on Kyoto instead of Tokyo. It’s great you’ll have a few weeks to spend in Japan…at least you can visit more without thinking about the time crunch😁

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        1. Thank you! We plan to spend only 1-2 days in Tokyo and more of the country side/other cities. We prefer nature and culture rather than the city life. Arashiyama and Fushimi Inari are on our list then. Thanks for this!


  2. Very nice article, very pretty pictures. It looks like you and your friends had a good time. I wish I could help you with information on Japan but I have never been able to go to Japan or to Thailand. I hope that you have a great time and get to see some of their beautiful places.

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