Rom Mai Sai Than Restaurant

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There are only few good restaurants around Chachoengsao, about 70 kms away from Bangkok, Thailand. But, its position along the widely stretched Bangpakong River makes some restaurants looking like romantic and serene destinations. Usually, their specialties and recommended dishes are fresh seafood. So, if you want a place with a relaxing ambience and good food, I recommend Rom Mai Sai Than Restaurant.

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The Rom Mai Sai Than is a garden restaurant with a nature-inspired theme. It is a quiet space that provides tranquility far away from the hubbubs of crowds or urban settings. The melodramatic appeal at dusk when the lights are turned on and the stillness of the river make it more cozy, inviting and full of warmth. This is a perfect getaway if you just want to hang around and breathe peacefully.

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I love the concept from the designs to the selection of wood items, nature elements and brick materials. Comfortable wooden furniture, roof, dividers and other items blend well with the natural texture and feel of the whole dining area. Some species of animals like peacocks and exquisite birds are hanging behind thriving trees. Flowering plants, canopied trees and beautifully-shaped shrubs promise a dining pleasure in a casual open- air way. It throws everything to create a rustic garden with fountains, bamboo trees and forest flora. It is simply cool with a fresh feeling.

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This is a Thai restaurant so the selection of meals is mostly local dishes. The food is undeniably good for any occasion. Honestly, I am not into Thai cuisine so I am picky to appreciate good ones. Value for money and ambience are the best features of Rom Mai Sai Than. Try it and give me a shout out/comment after.

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Address: Pak Khlong Tah Raj, Phra Satoop Jedi Road, Bang Khla Subdistrict, Bang Khla District, Chachoengsao, Thailand

Phone number: 0-3854-2794 or 0-86155-7111

Opening hours: 10:30 am to 11:00 pm

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Quote for the day:

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