UNESCO’s Pangsida National Park


The Pangsida National Park is sprawled within the thick forest of Sa Kaeo Province, Thailand. It is one of the most common camping sites for trekkers and nature enthusiasts closest to Bangkok. Who wouldn’t love it when you have jungle animals, bursting waterfalls and scenes carved out from a countryside movie? It is less popular and far less-trekked area than its neighboring Khao Yhai National Park but it has long retained its authenticity as a sanctuary.


The aA Photo Club organized the trip for THB999 ($28.5)/person (with a free shirt). The original plan is to do camping for 2 days and 1 night but the month of June’s rainy season altered it to just a day of a road trip. We were looking forward bent high on an expectation of a day filled with fun and the best of nature’s captivating visuals.

Original camping plan
Original camping plan


DSC_92The park is known for its exquisite and various species of butterflies. I think there were hundreds of them swarming all over the area. They look beautiful with their intricate patterns in vibrant and powdery colors. Their wings are designed like miniature scales flapping from one stretch to another.

See my butterflies photos.

We missed the viewpoint or observation hill of the whole reserve because suddenly the sky opened on us. This top spot showcases rich verdant forests stretching limitless with patches and strips of mist over the edges of the mountain ranges from east to west. The landscape offers a breathtaking spot for sunrise and sunset.


0573From the butterflies on a walking distance, rests a waterfall. It is not something extraordinary but with the cuts of mossy rocks and a fresh pool underneath, it has its appeal. It has a certain allure that makes you appreciate nature more. The water makes its way from the mountains vertically into a rocky eroded path and cascade over smoothly on shallow grounds. The evergreen rain forest frames the waterfall on all sides creating a rugged and unspoiled-look scenery. There are other waterfalls located deeper into the forest and if we had more time, I think it’s worth the hike. With the unfortunate bleary and rainy weather, it’s hard to have a perfect shot but you just have to take in the view and feel satisfied.


It was so hard taking photos because the rain is pouring on us so I had to balance taking photos while holding an umbrella. Black ants were crawling inside my pants and I got some red blotches when I checked inside the van. A little bit exhausted and my throat is craving for coffee making me agitated.

Untitled890There were wildlife animals thriving on the grasslands but we only visited buffaloes. The park lives up to being a UNESCO bio-reserve with a rich flora and fauna. Thailand is increasingly dedicating its efforts to nature and wildlife conservation against tourism-related wildlife exploitation.

I just have to add that this mouth watering grilled chicken liempo at the entrance of the park is a must-taste. It’s juicy with generous amount of herbs and spices. It’s sure to leave you wanting more. It’s unusually very good grilled and its along the road but don’t be too fussy on the location and the interiors of the small place. Served with a beer, it’s the ultimate lunch for an ultimate trekking experience.


At the end of the day, it is a little bit regrettable that we didn’t make it to Lalu rocks or the so-called grand canyon of Thailand. Our travel companions have insisted that it’s 65 kilometers away and with the dusk falling ahead, it will be a waste of time. Oh well. They are from the area so they know best.

Thank you to the aA Photo Club for letting us string along.


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