The Veil of Self-Truths


In a world full of self-entitled snotties, it is not surprising that everyone has enveloped themselves with the veil of self-truths. We tend to survive amidst an egotistical generation that deceitfully defines self-worth to an exceedingly abhorrent pedestal of self-gratification. We shamelessly dismiss threatening fractures as multiple products of other people’s despicable envy, delusions and lunacy. We are obsessed with our confirmation biases to alter truths and even fabricate fictions out of facts. Because we believe the Universe only conspires to whichever suits us best. Selfishness. Hypocrisy. Vanity.

We claim to be open-minded but, in truth, we open our mouths more than our minds because it’s easier than to strike thoughts. We fill ourselves with the knowledge that we embody superiority or even flawless perfection carrying it on our sleeves as if the world owes us something. It is not erroneous to define ourselves but what and how we lay it down can be as mind-blowing as a nonsense guttural sound of a simpering pussy cat.


We imbibe this persona of oscillating between half-truths because we can only take as much. We never let ourselves be subjected to its entirety. We choose to don a blanket of haze and a cloak of pretense far away from the grasp of what we considered loathsome or simply, unacceptable. We decree truths based on self-preservation. For us, only “I” matters and nothing else.

It is not wrong or sad that you let yourself wallow with your imperfections and the world’s. It is tragic if you do not let yourself be confronted with it. Scale your value without your aggravating cock-and-bull stories. Scale truths without prejudices. Because how you see the world may not be how the world really is. And that is the reality.

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