Stop Trying to Fix All Things


I used to know you. But, today, I look at myself in the mirror and realize that the tide of winds has done a good number on us. I remind myself that we’ll never figure everything out – that there is never a guarantee that who we are isn’t going to change today or tomorrow. Time has pushed us to different directions. And whether we want it or not, it happened and it will happen again.

Sometimes, we try hanging on to the possibility of fixing things we think needed stitching. To preserve the past. To dwell selectively. But, there are things we only think needed saving but do not.


Try to stop pushing. We may prevent something that will naturally fall back to its rightful place. Or something that will never be the same again.

Some things may fall apart and end up falling back together. However, some do not. Doors may close and it is no one’s fault. We are not infallible and there will be times when we fail people or fool ourselves. There will always be shortcomings and even hypocrisies. Moments where we treat people like a selfish convenience, just an option or a whim.

Life makes no promises that it will not fail us. It will, at times, and you choose either to move on or linger. It has many imperfections but these will not define you. It may hurt a little or a lot too much but it becomes a part of you that hopefully, changes you into someone better – who knows better. And make no mistake about it; it will be fine. Just let things run their own course.


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