Spring Photography






I miss spring in England! Sadly, there is no spring in Bangkok. Just few more days and I will welcome this beautiful season in South Korea. I am crossing my fingers for cherry blossoms in Seoul. Hopefully.

10 comments on “Spring Photography

  1. I, too miss the English Spring – I now live in Australia and the equivalent of Spring is Autumn

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  3. Omg you’re going to Seoul! That’s my dream country alongside with Japan. Looking forward to your photos! 💗💗💗

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    • Yes! Hopefully, everything goes to plan! I’ve never been to Japan. Maybe, spring next year! I don’t want to go there without taking photos of cherry blossoms haha. Thanks for dropping by!


  4. I once saw England in spring. Part of a happy childhood that I now long for as an adult.

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    • Two years ako dun for studies at nakakamiss ‘yung four seasons pero favorite ko talaga ang autumn! Travel ka ulit! I read you’re a finance guy and kaya naman sigurong pagsabayin though mahirap sa corporate Pinas. My work is on internal audit (no, I don’t travel for work) so when I’m done with my job I can take a leave of absence and travel. Anyway, go and chase that happiness! It’s worth it. :))

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