Canals of Amsterdam


Cheers to those moments that test our strengths. We learn more about ourselves.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

12 comments on “Canals of Amsterdam

  1. Beautiful photograph so well captured.

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  2. It’s on my bucket list because of photos like this.

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  3. This photo paired with this quote reminds me so much of the time I decided to lug my heavy backpack through all of Amsterdam during a long layover at Schipol. It was completely worth it.

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  4. tripleartz

    Beautiful photography. I can’t wait to visit there myself in March..any recommendations.?

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    • Anne Frank and Van Gogh museums during the day! For Anne Frank, be early. There’s always a long line. At night, visit the market including the red light district for cultural experiences. 🙂 Decide if it’s cheaper for you to buy a city card for free public transport and access to attractions. Hope you’ll enjoy it.


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