Don’t Fear Being Alone

DSC_0911 copy

Fear has no room in this world. That bravery is a must. So, you tried suppressing your fears until it became inescapable.

You fear being alone with no one to go home to. You are terrified  no one will love you and choose to stay forever. You struggled against these thoughts but these fears ballooned into a messy madness. Little by little, it has paralyzed everything you have ever believed in.

You had forgotten that sometimes, you could only escape your fears by accepting it. That you don’t have to run away from it. It doesn’t matter if you end up alone as long as you are happy. Once you embrace this possibility, you’ll slowly begin to love yourself more.

It’s perfectly okay to be alone. Yes, aloneness is not the only way to grow as a person but when your fear of it makes you an emotional wreck, it’s time to say stop. Don’t let your self-esteem be battered until it is spinning down south with a danger sign on your forehead. You’d be pushed to do things you will regret.

Letting go would make you less selfish and insecure. You’ll no longer need your daily dose of self-validation because you’ll eventually know that happiness can come from within. Be braver because fears will root you on the same spot of misery and depression. Try taking risks.

I hope eventually you’ll understand that you are more beautiful on your own. Trust me. I know.


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