Kindness of Humanity


Toledo, Spain

Traveling breaks your heart for the things that you see but it will restore your faith in humanity. Kindness begets kindness. In a world that experienced and continues to experience all kinds of tragedies, kindness sparks hope. In a world where we no longer trust each other and doubt everyone’s intentions, kindness makes us believe in humanity and in our future.

Bern, Switzerland

Walking along the grand shopping districts of Amsterdam, Paris and Milan, I saw some people dressed with tattered clothes shivering and begging for coins. In Pompeii, I saw a fossilized child buried under a 6-ft lava. In Berlin, I almost cried with the countless grave yards and horrible war exhibits. In Sevilla, a man got mobbed by horse carriage drivers. Days after we stayed in Paris, there was a terrorist attack killing more than a hundred people.

 These things have crushed my spirit. They ripped my heart into pieces. I suddenly acquired a deeper connection and understanding of the books I read, of the news I watched, of the stories I heard and of the people I don’t even know existed.

 However, one at a time, your faith in humanity and in the world kicks in. In Budapest, people rushed in to help someone on a car accident. In Vienna and Paris, people were educating others about climate change and how one person can make a difference. In Malaga, a child fell from the bridge but a stranger jumped to save him. In Munich and Madrid, people were welcoming refugees.

Milan, Italy

When you lose hope, that’s when you start to hope again. Sometimes, we encounter worst things but at times, we will be fine. We just have to make the best out of it and help as much as we can. Life is better when we aspire to make it better.

This travel is full of thousands of realizations and I don’t regret ever taking it. Life continues to surprise me and I am looking forward to it everyday. I still have my remaining weeks to visit Granada, Lisbon, Porto, Avignon and Lyon for more inspiring stories to encounter.

Cheers from Malaga, Spain.



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