Cheers to Us and our Stories

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Cheers to the ladies whose happiness does not depend on sappy love stories or mind-blowing sex. To every fierce, independent and strong-minded woman who gets incensed with discrimination and social injustices. To their downfalls, struggles and rise to everything above them. To those who fight their own battles and do not let any man calm their fiery spirit or ruin their sense of romance. To those who want fairy tales but more so to the women who do not desire it but define happiness and commitment according to their own terms. To those who remain steadfast on their faith or loyal to their loved ones and had never ever let false stories come between them because they know that their versions are more important than anyone else.

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Cheers to survivors of social atrocities but never resign to misery or self-kill. To others who are fortunate enough not to be subjected to the same fate but fill their hearts with gratitude. To those who wake up before the sun is out and sleep late at night, tired and exhausted, just to have enough food to bring on their tables. To those whose dreams have been burnt but their souls weren’t. To our inspirations whose fires keep on burning. To the little ones who will soon succumb to whatever is left by this generation.

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Cheers to that old man smiling endearingly whose scars meant thousands of saved lives. To that old lady whose kindness and deeds are unparalleled and beyond a measurement stick. To that woman who was raped and beaten but gets up everyday to fight for justice.

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Cheers to the ones whose souls yearn for life meanings and are making differences on a world full of iniquities and tragedies. To those whose convictions are crazy enough to shake perspectives and turn tables for discussions. To those who are lost and drifting but ironically, at peace and in good spirit because they know what kind of life they wanted and desire to achieve. This is a space dedicated to your pursuits.

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Cheers to those who had been judged unkindly but manages to stay calm and levelheaded. To those who accepted their fate that people are not their mirror images and whose kindness may or may not have hidden motives. To those who are broken, feels broken or denies to be broken. Cheers to your own personal struggles and I hope that whatever brokenness you’re experiencing, it will heal and leaves no nightmares to shadow your existence.

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Cheers to us who embrace life and believe that no one can define us and whose stories are written not by stars but by our own actions and thoughts. To us who strive to make our lives useful to others and create ripple effects of kindness. To everyone who struggles to live their life with dignity and empathy. Cheers to that and let’s celebrate everything that makes us who we are today! To everyone and their own stories.

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    1. Thank you! I’ve always love listening to different stories and learning their emotions and experiences. We are who we are today because of our pasts and these are made of bricks with great stories worth telling and keeping. 🙂

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