Love Yourself First


Silly, silly girl.

I hope by now you realize that you don’t need to fit into someone’s idea of perfection.

You’re not meant to be just a pretty face on a crowd of nameless faces. You’re meant to be looked up beyond your appearances. You’re meant to be worshiped with your strength and intellect. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Silly girl. The world may view you differently but don’t let it rip you layer by layer until you no longer have self-respect. Don’t let yourself be subjected to the world as if they have every right to judge you. You must not let anyone validate your self-worth. No stamp of approval needed.

Many times, you’ve questioned the person you’ve become. But, did you ever question the kind of people you’ve chosen to be with? Maybe, it is not about you? Maybe, you’re just at the wrong place with the wrong people?

Remember that the only person who can make you feel less should be yourself. The only person who can tell you that you are not good enough is yourself. Words and people do not matter unless you make it matter. Embrace yourself and just be the amazing person that you are. Because you truly are.

(The girl is Maria. Photo taken in Newcastle.)


  1. Reblogged this on creatortruthlove and commented:
    The problem we have in this world behaviour that we look ourself in mirror every moment we get chance. How many people look at them self really inside out. We look at others 99 bad habit but do not look at their one good habit. We look our 99 good habit but do not look at one bad habit.

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    1. Also, the problem is things should start from ourselves. How others view us may come from on how we view ourselves. I have so many flaws but I don’t let them “pick” or “intimidate” me with these unimportant things more so because I don’t let them. They see me as a person who doesn’t give a damn about their superficial opinions. They see beyond my imperfections because I know that I am amazing. People have to accept themselves first, before others can accept them. Begin with self.

      Thanks for reblogging it. Your blog page is interesting!


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