The People Worth Keeping

DSC_0341 copy 3We live in a world where not everything is beautiful and some things are worth hating. Some people are devious while others are fake. Some are selfish; others are spiteful. Look into your circle and you’ll see these different characters.

Some people exist when it suits them. Some are seasonal fixtures. Some people trap others into one-sided relationships.

DSC_0382 copySo, be wary. Save yourself from disappointments and have yourself checked with realities.

These are the people who count how many special moments or life events you stood by. Not yours but theirs. The same people who think friendships are founded on giving gifts and exchanging favors. People who want nothing but glorification of whatever drama they try to fabricate. People who cannot look beyond their shitty selves and too absorbed with their own web of foolishness, lies and false principles.

So, it is important to know who are the people that should matter.

These are the people who’ll offer an umbrella when the sky opens its water pipes. But letting you drenched first for you to find your strengths and weaknesses. They’ll carry you on their own boat when yours is too damaged. And help you rebuild it when you can finally find your spirit. They’ll throw a ready hand when you’re too deep in a muddy whirlpool but are too lazy to lift a finger for things they find shallow and stupid.

Remember that these people are the ones who should matter. The people who should be given value. So, look around and hold on to them. These people are worth keeping.


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