I Fear My Life is Just Passing By

DSC_110598 copy

I fear the loss of time. I fear the days will go by without anything to look by. I feel I’ve stayed put for a long time that my life is just passing by. There are times that I admit it’s okay. But no, it is not okay. I could choose to spend my time doing something worth doing.

Time is precious but I often find myself just daydreaming. Nothing comes out of it unless I take the first step of shaping these dreams into realities. And I fear taking it because I fear I would just fail myself. I think I have too much time to think, just letting myself live inside my brain instead of the real world. These are my constant demons that made me feeling miserable and pathetic.

I would like to take scuba diving lessons. I would like to play the violoncello. I would like to travel the world making documentaries. I would like to touch people’s lives. There are so many things that I wanted to start doing but I always procrastinate.

I always say tomorrow. But, what if there is no such day? I know it sounds morbid, but we never know. Each day should be lived with complete awareness. And what ruins me is that tomorrow morning, I’ll follow the same routine.

Words by Ioli Apostolou.


This is a letter from a Greek friend. I’ve always been fascinated with her. She’s just 19 and a law student but her thoughts and ideals are beyond her age! I am always looking forward on receiving her emails from abroad and updates from her travels. I posted this because I know a lot of people can relate.


    1. Thanks for liking it. Ioli’s email got into me! Sometimes, it’s really hard to battle laziness, complacency and procrastination…we tend to be stuck at the middle just drifting. But, some day, something/someone can inspire us to take the first step.


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