Don’t Worry if You Feel Lost and Drifting

DSC_05771 copyStop worrying. You’re 23, lost and drifting. But, that is fine. Better than fine, actually.

Do you know how many people are lost without doing something about it? But, hey, look at you! You’re in Law School! You’re 23 but you’re learning the ropes of gaining fountains of legal knowledge. So, stay calm. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with your jumbled emotions.

There will be times when you feel torn on pursuing things that you love versus doing things that’ll make your loved ones happy. Maybe, not just few times but on many occasions of staring people while they pass by. They move on but you feel being caged on your own lifeless spot. Trust me, it’s fine.

Isle of SkyeDon’t be afraid to fail on your own expectations. Nobody knows how and where life is leading you. So, take your questions and issues with you and just push your way to self-discovery. You’re someone brilliant and it’s fine to feel lost now because this means you are on your way to finding your strengths and weaknesses, of the things you’ll love and will be passionate about.

We talked about growing up on a different perspective. On being pushed to mature early than others. On shutting yourself from negativities. On stepping on the stairways of success silently. And you’re doing great. Never ever let your doubts, insecurities and weaknesses stop you from being the best that you can be.

Years from now, you’ll be stronger and wiser no matter how you feel at the moment. You’ll find yourself no longer lost and drifting but living your dreams and being happy. Eventually. And you’ll get there. For now, take it easy and just smile.

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