Being Greek and Shoving Shits

DSC_0268 copy

People are sad. Life is difficult. Yet it is still good.

People have humor and there is still sun around, which reminds you that there are some things money cannot buy. People fall in love and hold hands and laugh about the same things they used to laugh and appreciate before. Life has its own way of going. Life gives you what you are able to catch and takes you what you are unable to keep. When grief hits you in the stomach, happiness is at the next corner. In times like this, I have to admit that I tend to separate people in two categories – those who get angry and those who move on. They grieve, cry and even crawl on the floor, but they choose to move on. I will be one of those people because life is good. Money cannot teach you that even if you are unable to appreciate this lesson by your own self.

DSC_0438 copyHope lies in our minds that grows more wholly and maturely day by day. The whole thing has always been about politics. My heart tells me that everything is a chess game. This is a structured game of power, strategies and money. It is far beyond us.  It is far too unfair to make people decide for something that they do not have enough information or time to possess, or even in some cases are too old or too irresponsible to make such a decision. I frankly believe that everything is pre-decided, no matter what they want us to believe, or what we, ourselves, want to believe, because some of us still have ideals.

 Life knows better, and I trust it all the way. – Sophia Kouremenou, 2015.

I just received this reassuring reply from a Greek friend who lives in Athens regarding Greece’s current crisis. Sophia is a writer and has published few books in Greek. I am and will always be fascinated with her outlooks in life. I posted this to share that amidst chaos and doubts, people can still hope and love because life is good and we can still appreciate things that money cannot buy. Happy weekend everyone. 

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