Making a Difference in this World


For the longest time, I envy people who dedicate a big part of their lives in making a real difference in this world. Those people who wanted to save what little we have today. Those people who believe on humanity, compassionate and love in bridging violence, fear and hate. Those who are passionate in doing things that can change the world. I wanted to be like them yet, I am never one of them.

DSC_0400We know that the world needs saving. We believe that a spark of change can lead to transformations. Meaningful differences can arise from simple deeds. Yet, there are more dreamers than doers. We simply love to tell the world that we feel what it is going through; that we know that things are changing. We are mere observers. We’re just a team of passive players waiting for others to make a difference. I know because I am one of them.

My cousin wanted her trees to be pink so she colored it as pink. My friend wanted her room to be blue so she painted it as blue. Changing the world is not as simple as these. It does not take one person. It does not take a simple want in order to have it. It does not take one corner or one piece of anything.

It’s hard to make a difference. It’s difficult to repair all the world’s dents that became permanent. But, every little thing can start something. This dream will no longer be just a dream if we can unite to do something. This fight will no longer be just an idea if we push ourselves to become one of them – people who really matter. Hopefully, we can truly make a difference and save the world in our own little ways. Hopefully…

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