Gone With The Wind


One day I would soar high.
One day I would leave things behind.
One day I would be able to tell myself that it’s time to fly high.
No baggages. Just me and my newly found desire. 

I visited Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle Upon Tyne and I was fortunate to see Claire Morgan’s famous visuart art Gone with the wind! It was astonishing to see the intricacies of the suspended wildflower seeds with the kittiwake sea bird. It was a jaw-dropping moment! The curator, I think, saw how my face lit up! It was really stunning!

The art portrays the movement of a particular runner (sea bird) amidst other runners participating on a marathon. It was incredible as to how the nylon cords supporting the seeds were accurately measured. It helped created a graceful effect outlining the movement of the wind.  You’d need lots of patience, determination and attention to details to be able to install such an elaborate work of art. I told my friend I would love to have something similar installed to my future living room! How I wish! It is a masterpiece! A one of a kind!

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