Don’t Say Sorry For Being Yourself

DSC_0057Sorry is not a band-aid. It cannot cover one’s imperfections. It cannot fix everything. It cannot make things right. It cannot bring back whatever is in the past. It cannot mend what is already broken.

Yet, life is full of too many sorry speeches.

I always throw apologies before people demand it. Mom told me that in life, most often than not, I would be wrong than right. I would commit mistakes and later on may or may not regret. I did. She was right. As always. So, I may have been wrong in so many ways but I’ve never bothered to look back.

DSC_0855I always believe that people should be responsible for their actions. People need to stand up on the consequences of whatever they did with or without any intention or malice. People must own up to their misgivings and mistakes. But, are people using it really meant it? Does it worth anything at all?

There are things that apologies are uncalled for. There are things we meant to say but apology becomes an escape route to dismiss any ensuing issue or heated drama. It becomes dismissive weakening any meaningful value the word holds for.

Some people tend to say sorry for things that do not really matter. Some people say sorry for the heck of it; just to rub things to people’s faces. Far worse, some people have gotten to a point where apology is considered an act of politeness and in being embarrassed of showing one’s true self. Sorry can hinder truths because some people are fearful in speaking their minds and hearts. Instead, they apologize right away before the hard truths are voiced out. Apologies, then, become meaningless and somewhat insincere.

Yet, I still wanted to believe that there are still people that genuinely treat apology to what it is intender for. I believe that people should not be sorry for things that are entirely out of their control but the moment that one’s action results to anything disturbing, I guess it will not hurt to say I’m sorry. So, if anything at all, send me a message and I’ll tell you if apology is in order.


  1. This is so important for people to understand. And the young people of today especially need guidance in learning the truth for which you are speaking. I would like to post this as a guest blogging piece on my site. It would go to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

    The post would link back to your Home and About Me. Levi. pages.

    It wouldn’t be this month, but maybe the next. I’d let you know what date I set it to run though.

    Let me know if that is something that would be okay with you and if not, no apology needed 🙂



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