Not Everything Happens for a Reason

Life is unfair. People are full of surprises and the world is a scary place. Get a grip of your life and step down from your pedestal. Tragedies are happening. Stories are unfolding.

You might say, I sound too negative but I am not. I am just in touch with the harsh realities of life. There are hard truths everywhere. Hard to even think they exist. We live in a place far away from fantasy. There are no Wonka’s golden tickets, no fairy godmothers, no magical wardrobes and no wonderlands.

A friend told me that everything happens for a reason after her boyfriend dumped her. Well, Grumpy Cat says,


IMG_1305It doesn’t. As Jeff beautifully worded it, “The universe doesn’t care much about you.” Things could happen for no reason at all. Sometimes, we have to accept defeat because that’s the way it is. You lose. Hard. Bad.

This idea of everything happens for a reason is misplaced. Flawed. This is the root of complacency, of waiting things to happen because they are destined to happen. Petrifying things happen not to make way for spectacular things. Sometimes, people lose their humanity. Sometimes, people intend to cause pain. There are no grander plans from up above. No better things coming. It’s just the way it is.

Don’t find solace on daydreaming where great things will come after someone broke your heart or you failed your calculus. Don’t hang on to the idea that there will always be bigger and better things to occur. You might be paving your way to bigger and bitter disappointments in life. It’s good to squeeze hope and positivity on unlucky episodes of your life but do not over do it. Focus on moving forward. With yourself first.

Learn from your failures. Not everything has reasons. Not everything happens for a reason. Not everything has a bigger calling. Both feet on the ground and not head on the clouds, please. Grow up and work hard. Big, magical packages will not magically appear on your doorsteps. Prince Charming will not magically sweep you off your feet. Go get him! Now!


  1. You’re right; this is it and it probably doesn’t mean anything at all. Certainly the universe doesn’t care about you. That said, as a kind of thought experimental, as long as you don’t take it too far (too literally or religiously) acting as if things happen for reasons or trying to draw the reason out of things, can be a good exercise.

    Life is a series of absurd and mundane coincidences. It’s hard to wrap your head around, a narrative can help as long as you don’t rely on it and turn it into a crutch or start to believe it is literally true.

    Loved this post, by the way.

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