Beautiful, Crazy Love Story

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.21.02 AM
Don’t settle for anything less. Don’t settle for that fleeting satisfaction. Don’t settle for that connection at first sight or first hello. Settle for that beautiful yet stupefyingly crazy love story.

Settle for that passionate-almost-sinful-intimate stares to each other that could bring the house down sizzling and awkward. Settle for that mind-fucking-senseless-one-of-a-kind-fiery kiss where its intensity can leave you feeling breathless.  Settle for that gooey smile that makes your insides dance on a heavy metal music. Settle for that air-gasping-fuck-the-world-kind of embrace that would leave all girls green with envy.

IMG_1307Settle for that one person you just can’t get enough with and leaves you hungry for his presence and caresses. Someone who doesn’t see you as a blank canvass but annals of beautiful, unfathomable and fascinating works of art. Someone whose words are foods for your thoughts, whose touches are fires to your soul and whose presence brings out butterflies on your stomach and tiny little ants on your raging heart. For that one person who makes you go nuts on simple goodbyes and long absences.

Settle for that love affair that would leave tears to your kids. For that story worth telling to strangers you meet on a random bus that would leave them awe-struck. For that romance that would leave you with a tender and dreamy look every time you remember something even remotely connected to him. For that piece of your life that you’d always go back to during a starry and sleepless night.

Settle but don’t compromise. For love should be batshit crazy. Love should not be comfortable but nerve-wrecking. Love should push you out of your way to try endless impossibilities. Love should be risky and maddeningly euphoric. It should leave you feeling intoxicated; of being reckless; of having the ability to insanely push you to take that leap of faith. With him and no one else. Today and not tomorrow.

Settle only for this kind of love and nothing else.


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