Breaking Walls

DSC_0106They say we create walls to find out who are brave enough to break them down. But if you ask me, I’d say, I’ll let you be. I’ll let you burn your wall and rise from it. I’ll let you bury yourself inside and wait for the wall to crumble. I will stay outside until you’re ready to let it fall apart. I’m here. We’re here.

Maybe, for the longest time, you are made to believe that the walls that divided us are the same walls that will unite us. It isn’t. There is no glory in testing people to know who are worthy and who aren’t. Friendship is not a luxury; not even a privilege. You don’t go around Tinsel town checking friends out and dropping them one by one.

11358671_10206527927333790_549993744_nYour wall is built with sorrows, insecurities and despair that you no longer can detach yourself from it. Little by little, the wall is eating you up. You’re bleeding into pieces. You’re becoming tiny bits of shattered and fragmented pieces. You’re changing; yet, there’s nothing we can do.

It scares me to know that we might need a lifetime to fix the damages inflicted on you. It could take an eternity to wipe off your scars and millions of forever to revive your spirit. Let the wall go or you’d be left with nothing, just a wall of melancholy frozen in eternity.



The photos are Leeds Castle followed by Eaton College then Caerphilly castle.

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