A Beautiful Yet Tragic Love Affair


IMG00520-20110213-2339 copy

Where does the road not taken lead to?

Where do dead stars fall into?

He didn’t travel the northern highlands and saw the northern lights. He didn’t lose his words at Van Gogh’s sunflowers and Da Vinci’s Monalisa. He didn’t count how many steps the Eiffel tower has, or float on Nepal’s sea of clouds or touchdown on the cap of the great snowy Alps. He didn’t cross multiple countries to hold hands with someone like you. He didn’t.

CoupleBut, he had travelled with you from heaven and back. He had seen your flaws and marked it beautiful. He walked through your fears and insecurities. He sailed with you through your frustrations and failures. He looked into your eyes and touched your soul. He made you dream of places you’ve never been, and pushed you to feel emotions you’ve never felt and knew exist. He was more than enough. Yet, he wasn’t enough.

You think you’re on an adventure to find true love.  He thinks he already found that one true love. He said forever will be a lonely place without you and somehow, I wanted to weep for him. I’ve seen you loved and lost. I’ve seen him hollow and hurting. I’ve seen the two of you struggled but were still shattered. It was an array of endless talks, a galaxy of memories and a hurricane of emotions that left the two of you bleeding.

Your flames have been doused out yet you continue to burn. No longer for each other but for some others. It has been a good run but you both know it has to end. As the suspense builds up with a drama, he is forced to bow down. Quite a tragedy but still a beautiful love story.

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