Friends Poles Apart

Stop it. Stop whining. Stop ranting. Just stop.

Turn around. Try to loosen up a bit. Not all things are made of gold. You asked me if you have to unfriend a friend and I advised you against it. After all, shitty friends make life more interesting. Isn’t it?

Accept the fact that not all people are deep. Not all people can hold intellectual conversations. Not all people can get you when you ask why the sky is blue. Instead, they’ll answer you how beautiful the color blue is against the lovely white sky. Some people are shallow and it’s a fact.

Accept the fact that not all people will pull you up when you have fallen. Not all people will carry you when you’re dead drunk… on the floor. Not all people will hold your hand and walk you back when you get sidetracked. There are people who cannot help you or will repeatedly refuse to help you.

DSC_0176Some people are meant to be in your life at good times only. Yet, you still call them friends. Because that’s the way it is. You run into people with different wrappers. At times, you don’t know who they are until the moment of unwrapping comes. Still, acceptance is a choice. And that is okay.

Whoever they are does not mean they are bad people. Their lives maybe like a roulette of shitty games but this does not make them hateful. It’s a fact. Intelligence is knowing this kind of people exists. Wisdom is being with them, yet handling yourself with decency. Keeping them does not mean you are one of them. It means you are wise and mature enough to understand things and be okay with it. Because not all people are like you. Not all people want the same music as you do. Not all people can grasp the universe as you do. People are different and it’s a fact. Grow up.


For everyone. A part of us is the writer, the whiner and the sucker. It’s a fact.

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