Tuba Bar and Restaurant


Have you ever imagined Jack Daniels, Master Yoda, friendly Spiderman, Chairman Mao and Bob Marley all chilling together in one place? Guess what! They are all in Tuba Restaurant! It is a true feast for anyone’s eyes from the oil paintings (most are naked women!), to blaring neon signs and modern quirky objects! I love the interiors. Who wouldn’t? It has a modern funky feel with lavish arts in all its forms. It’s a place that I’d like to take away to my ever simple, plain home.

1916256_138748199473764_2085469_nA friend invited us to meet someone and try the place last Tuesday. It was our first time to visit the restaurant. I was not excited at first because the place is out of the way (too far from the BTS train staion), it was Tuesday after work night and with the name “Tuba” I thought it was just one of those too many fancy restaurants in the metro! But everything changed when I stepped into the place. Definitely, worth blogging!

If you also want privacy, the area is divided into different nooks with vintage furniture dividers. The place is practically a gallery with swarming eclectic art styles coming together in one venue! Bohemian, hippie, goth, urban, modern and everything else. The designs are flamboyant and classy making them nonconformist and original. It’s like ultra grunge meets glam. I just love it!

Doors you say?
Perfect to hangout
Perfect to hangout
Engagingly delightful
Engagingly delightful

I just learned when I went home that some of the things there are for sale! I should have asked! I’d love to buy some of the small personal paintings resting on antique wooden boxes or hanging on the fascinating walls. Did Bangkok artists paint these? Amazing! Oh, by the way, I met a French artist that night (hello, Teebow!) who is as fascinating as the place! He’s an acquaintance’s boyfriend. He has his second art exhibit ending this weekend but I forgot the exact place. He was telling me about his arts and why he doesn’t want to get involve on the in thing of painting graffiti on walls just to attract attention. Well, we have our own principles.

Sumptuous isn’t it?

553940_420053758009872_1448500804_nOh by the way, did I mention their cocktails? Aside from the interiors, the drinks are worth binging! They have a happy hour until 8 pm (buy 1 take 1) with big (really big) glasses! It’s worth it! I recommend the cocktails Midori and Zombie! Please, try them! The menu is Thai-European so don’t worry if you’re picky. They have great food selection. Don’t worry too if you get bored easily! It has free wifi. But, come on! Don’t go here to play on your phones! Try playing the pool or they even have cards and board games! We played 1-2-3 pass as if we were just chilling on a friend’s home. I love the cards! They are of book sizes it could cover all your face! Haha! They are open from 10 am to 2 am daily. So if you want to just hang out after work or let Bangkok traffic passes by, find this place.



Here is the address: 34 Ekamai Soi 21 Area Sukhumvit +662 711 5500

I intentionally left my phones during the dinner (I just hate people busy doing something on their phones during meal times) so I don’t have photos. These are grabbed from their facebook page www.facebook.com/tubabkk. I asked them for permission via FB and they allowed me to use them. (Look at our photos on May 26 with the birthday celebrant Yowell!) So if you happen to visit Bangkok and you’re a big fan of anything of arts form, drop by! It will not disappoint you! Guaranteed.

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