Broken People

DSC_0794We live in a world where recognition and validation are of utmost importance. We constantly vie for that. Because we feel we needed to be recognized and assure ourselves that our presence is still counted. That we still matter. We must. We should. To the society. To the people around us… To ourselves.

DSC_0272But, somewhere along the process, it made us all insecure and pathetic. So, we always cling to other people and hang on to our desperation. We bring up our issues and shits to make us matter. Sadly, we’ve become hopeless and cynical. But we shouldn’t be because we don’t need to be broken to be interesting.

Maybe, the problem with us is we bond on how messy and fucked up our lives are. We glorify our heartaches and drink for the bad times. We tell tales to pass on the crown of misery and the sash of agony. We play the role everyone is playing. A drama we are all addicted to. Jeff is right, “We are all broken people”.

DSC_0164This idea of being together to bond on our miseries will only make us more pathetic and miserable. Yes, it makes us feel loved and comforted. But, forgetting to celebrate the beauty of happiness and simplicity of life will make us more broken people. We needed to heal. To mend our wounds. To find ourselves and feel complete once again. We needed to find time to bond with ourselves and maybe, even with strangers who’ll never judge us the way we’ve been unkindly judged before.

Always remember that the most satisfying validation and recognition will come from ourselves. We maybe broken but we’ll never stay broken.


Photos are taken in Aberdeen and Glasgow.

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