Art on the Streets

DSC_0841Today, what people don’t realize is that art is no longer confined on the four walls of museums or galleries. Exhibits are already on the streets if you know where to look at and appreciate it. Street art is a flourishing business and artists are using their talents not to vandalize properties but to make a difference. Their works cry for social issues that most of us have forgotten or just simply ignore. They are making statements to call for us and make the world a little less chaotic. They are bringing the issues right into our faces. Lets stop stereotyping them as punk kids doing nothing with their lives because they are trying to change things for the better.

Today's plan is already yesterday's - the streets that were there are gone.
Today’s plan is already yesterday’s – the streets that were there are gone.

DSC_0813I was not really a fan of street art before. I would rather spend my time indoors rather than wasting my time looking at painted bricks, walls or woods. But, after seeing lots of them while walking miles and miles, while basking on the sun or soaking under the rain, or feeling the chills of the wind, I was hooked. I realize more and more that there is “life” on the streets.

These powerful images are  their masterpieces and they’re sharing it to the world freely. They are telling their stories and society’s reflecting on peace, feminism, humanity and harsh realities. They are capturing our attention and making us believe that art can change the world. It does if we just spend a little time with them, think and take action.

Glasgow's Art Under a Bridge
Glasgow’s Art Under a Bridge
Look closely. It consists of famous world attractions.
Look closely. It is a block of famous world attractions.
Banksy's Art in Bristol
Banksy’s Art in Bristol
Mother and Son
Mother and Son

DSC_0040These are not gimmicks but there is a genuine dramatic change to speak truth through street arts. They are everywhere – spread on the slums, on broken bridges, on soiled walls becoming part of the community helping to voice out truths for the world to see. They are slowly transforming our society to influence us on how we think, feel and act. Let them.

So, go out there. See the arts. But don’t forget to get involved on their pleas to make a difference. Let’s help them to make the world a little less chaotic.

Climate Change
Climate Change

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