Loving Your Soul

DSC_0279Hello there. Yes, you there. I just want you to know a little secret. Something that had me sleepless for a little while.

Have you noticed how I stared at you shamelessly? How wide-eyed I am when I saw you? How my mouth formed an “o” trying to catch my breath? I hope you did. For I want to tell you something that’ll make your heart skip a beat.

You’ve changed. Money changed you. Too much. And it’s scary. Scarier than any horror movie. Though, you are still the same. The same old you, the same guy I met five years ago. But, why? Why….

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Have you even tried to listen to people? Ask them what they think? Honestly. Without any biases?

Well, here it goes.

Do you know that you are a work of art? Priceless even. You top my chart to be this year’s recipient of the golden arrogance award. Two hands up! If I have more, definitely, I will raise them too! All hail to the King! Wow. Well, I guess congratulations are in order!

Someone told me that arrogance is the result of people’s need to complete them because they lack self-worth. Is this true? Nah, I don’t think so! Of course not! You of all people lack self worth?! Terribly, terribly wrong idea!

Or maybe, we should believe Saint Cyril when he said that you could never change people. You can only love them. Love their flaws and imperfections but never change them. But then again, does being egotistic a flaw? An imperfection? Maybe not. So, people have to suck this up!

I guess I should listen to Angel Jeff because he said that we should look into the souls of people; see right through as to who they are. So, I want to look into your soul. See if your soul is as good as you are. See if your heart is as white as a snow, as humble as Mother Theresa. Great, isn’t it? I feel excited because you incite fury and rage within my being.

Now, did my revelation make your heart skip a beat? Because mine did. You almost gave me a heart attack. Next time, I’d be prepared…. Prepared to love your soul and ignore your flesh.


On another issue: The guy in photo was part of the Million Mask March in London last year with Russel Brand headlining the news. I asked him what was he advocating for. He said, “Democracy”. I replied, “Democracy is overrated!” Well, he agreed only after grunting!

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