You Deserve to be Happy

DSC_0467I see you. Don’t worry, I see you. It started when you fell in love and got burned. When you struggled but broke down. When you tried to move on but failed. When you slowly put on a façade thinking nobody sees you.

And I can still see you. How restless and troubled you have become. How your eyes look sad, almost dying. How you put on an act but still look gloomy and desolate. How you pretend that everything is okay when nothing seems to be okay.

I can still see your struggles. It is there. But, you keep on dancing to a masquerade. Keep on putting that ivory mask. Thinking your forced smiles and fake laughs won’t betray you. But, I feel you. I feel sad for you.

 I wanted you to see the world how I see it. I wanted you to embrace your pain and finally see that it’s time to let it go. The world will not stop and wait for you. There’s so much happiness and great things going that you’ve missed them not just once but maybe a hundred times. Please try to see the world on my eyes and you’ll realize that springtime is glorious and it’s slowly passing by.

But I cannot force you. I cannot just poke your own bubble. Not because it is hard but because you don’t want me to. You thought by wallowing yourself with misery, you can protect yourself from more pains. But, I am telling you it is not. Don’t drown yourself not because he is not worth it but because you deserve to be happy. Try to be so that you can see the world how I see it.

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