Be the Flame, Not the Moth

I know you tried. Hard. Tried to cool down the burning fire of your spirit. Tried to suppress the chaotic thoughts of your mind. Tried to be conventional to understand why it seems to attract everyone else. Tried to blend with complacency and consistency. It was hard but at least you tried.

DSC_0337You’ve always wanted to do more but not necessarily, to have more. You just want to be more than what people think and expect you to be. Not to prove them wrong but to prove them that you’ve become better. You seek for experiences and what life calls, “moments”.

Yet, here you are. You failed. Not because you quit but because you get tired. The visions at the end of what you are trying to fulfill do not appeal to you any longer. You cannot hold on anymore. No more convictions. No more faith.

I hope you realize you’re not made up for ordinary things but better and greater things. You have always known that you are untamed. Reckless even. So, the idea of fitting in does not and will not be on your favor. You’ve got to be your own. Live it. Be who you are for nothing and no one can dictate how you live your life.

DSC_0292Someday, you may ask yourself, why you have never gone the other path. You tried so be calm. People will not understand but someday, they will. You would still go astray and walk back to where you belong. Because your spirit cannot be subdued and your fire cannot be contained. Burn. And continue to burn. You are the flame, not the moth. So, let them come to you.

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