Love Burns Like a Moth to a Flame

I never thought that life could be as harsh as in movies. I never knew cruelty, until you came and it happened. Maybe, I’m just a jerk. For cheating on her with you. For choosing you when she has more to offer. For hurting her when she did nothing but loved me. And you did the same… Hurt me when I loved you so much beyond anything and everything.

Why do broken hearts keep on falling? Why do they still keep on dreaming? Why do they keep on believing? My heart was broken but I was asking you to love me again. Because you were the only one who could break it and the only one who could put it back. It was the irony, yet a sad reality.

DSC_0033It was painful but the more I wallowed in misery; the more I was drawn to you. Like a moth to a flame.

Remember the day when I called you to meet me outside our school? I waited but you never came. Still, I was willing to wait even if it took me an eternity. I called you again and again, sobbing on the voicemail and asking you to take me back. But, you never did. You never came.

DSC_0302Remember when I took a chance and waited for you to come out outside your home ? I saw you. I did. But you were with someone else. You were happy, smiling and laughing. I stayed frozen and the universe grieved for me. It started raining. So, I started crying. Minutes then hours.

How many times did I ask myself why I did let things to be this way? How many times I dreamed that you had never let me go? How many times I was hoping that you’d see me for who I was – a man desperately in love?

I was no longer myself. I was somebody else – crazy, bitter and foolish. Sadly, love changed me.

DSC_0208We do stupid things for a reason. Maybe that reason is love. But, sometimes, one thing’s for sure, we are happy and nothing else matters. That’s what I thought, I was doing. Fighting for love, for happiness. But, I was wrong. I was fighting for something that made everyone miserable. I was fighting a losing battle that I carried on until all bridges were burned. And I was burned. To the deepest core.


Based on a friend’s story but it isn’t hundred percent from him. He just inspired me to write because I am already a fan of him. I wish you all the best. I guess we have to keep fighting until there’s nothing to fight for. Then, we move on.

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