Beautiful Silence

*Thoughts on a 5-hour-bus ride from Portree to Inverness*

DSC_0668There’s nothing sadder than ending up with someone that you can’t enjoy long moments of silence. Someone who makes it unbearable to sit together even for few moments. Imagine just sitting together, talking nothing and still calling it a moment? Amazing being with this kind of person.

Only few people can endure long hours of solitude. For some others, it makes them uneasy and alienated. But for others, it makes them complete. There is beauty and harmony. There’s a bond that only the two of them can feel and understand.

I pity those that can’t enjoy silence. I pity those that think relationships and connections are founded on words. I pity those who think that silence creates gaps, those who write that long moments of silence are signs of two people drifting apart. Because it is not. Though, it is somewhat rare to find people who believe that silence is comforting. That it is heart warming and worth falling in love.

DSC_0290It will always be great to find someone whose words are not needed. Someone whose charming smiles can start a lasting relationship. Someone whose serene eyes can speak volume of emotions. Someone whose heart knows contentment. Someone who makes holding hands the most beautiful and intimate act of love and friendship. After all, it’s the beauty of silence that makes it a moment. A beautiful moment.

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