Running Away

*Unedited: Thoughts while on a plane from Cardiff, Wales to Belfast, Northern Ireland.*


Sometimes, life gives us shits. Sometimes, it is even covered with a gold wrapper that we fail to realize that it is just a lure, a bait to make us fall deeper. Sometimes, we pretend nothing is going on. Sometimes, we believe in silver lining to push back things that are far beyond our expectations.

But how do we deal with it? Some people take it with a grain of salt. Some people run away from it. Some people take time to slough off the violent unforgettable shitty moments.

Me? I am on a travel adventure to more than ten cities for 28 days. I have already walk miles and miles to see one place to another, run from bus stops to train stops, saunter along painful rocky pavements and sip hot coffees to battle chilly winds and rainy days. I guess I am running away. Trying to forget that growing up as an adult is full of shits.

Last month during my birthday, I told myself I will grow up next year. Not now. Not yet. But, is it really a choice? An option button to delay things.

People are expected to grow up and act even past their own ages. Grown ups are looked up while those that refuse to grow up are looked down.

At my age, I am expected to act maturely and embrace responsibilities. To be a cash cow. Sad but true that money matters for it makes the world go round. Though, money and happiness are entirely two different things that people wish, covet and willing to die for.

I guess by refusing to grow up, I like to believe that I am chasing my own happiness, going to places that could give me truths about myself, life and the future ahead.

I hope by travelling and taking photos, I can quench my thirst for self-realizations. Every travel I make, I learn a little something about myself. So, I want to conquer the world to conquer myself.

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