Unicorns and Rainbows

Is goodbye without saying goodbye the hardest and most painful so far?

10385201_10203598011687730_186217669_nWe call her the Disney Princess because she believes in unicorns and rainbows, serendipities and love at first sight. She keeps a list of how The One will be The One.

A few months ago, a guy named Perfect came along. He perfectly fits the bill – her sacred breakfast first date. He brought unicorns and rainbows with pancakes and waffles.

So, they dated. And dated. And dated.

 She waited. And waited. And waited.

Until she realized that Perfect cannot spell commitment and she can smell cowardice. He was not perfect after all.

One night, she was dreaming. Perfect was there and so was she. It was oddly dark with unicorns and rainbows. He reached for her hand but she took one step back. She smiled a bitter one and hastily turned her back. No words. Just heavy heartaches.

All the nights that followed, she dreamt again until her dreams were no longer just dreams but sad realities.

Perfect took her unicorns and rainbows.


For K and whatever she is going through. Advice: It’s ok if you no longer have your unicorns and rainbows, you still have us – your friends! Cheers!

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