St. Andrews (Scotland)

Perfect for Waiting (St. Andrews Bay)
Perfect for Waiting (St. Andrews Bay)

St. Andrews is on the east coast of Fife, Scotland known for golf tournaments. Fairmont Hotel is one lavish golf resort! We got there at 11 am. We parked the car and I went on my own. I trudged the dewy grassy hill and into the East Sands Sea Side while my cousins joined an acquaintance at the marina to check his newly renovated yacht.

East Sand Harbour
East Sand Harbour

I am not a fan of the British Royalty. Can you believe back in high school when a teacher asked me who was my celebrity crush? It was Euan Blair! Hahaha Tony Blair’s eldest son. I didn’t know that St. Andrews is where Kate Middleton found her Prince William. Is this a Prince haven? Some people would think so.

East Sands
East Sands Sea Side

St. Andrews East Sands is on the south side of the old harbor near the cathedral and St. Rules Tower. It is very popular with locals and holiday makers but during my stay, it rained heavily that morning so the wind chills were terrible, the sea was murky brown, the mountain slope was muddy and I can only count 10 heads at the area. After 30 minutes or so, it started to drizzle. I almost  liked the place. Almost. Due to the weather, I did not get to experience what was in store in St. Andrews. Sighs!

 St Rule's Tower
St Rule’s Tower

We, however, dropped by at a cafe! There is nothing that could cheer me up than a cup of hot coffee. Taste Cafe was populated by students. The ambience was cozy and delightful. Everyone seemed to be very much engaged with their laptops, books or friends. Some were chatting and obviously intensely discussing about something. Maybe it was a heated debate on why the weather should not hinder any travel plans!

I think it is a lovely place for students because you would definitely meet interesting people from diverse places. One-third of its population is enrolled in the University of St. Andrews, the third oldest English university.

City Center
City Center
University Flat
University Flat

Back to coffee, I love the cappuccino! It has a rich taste and heavenly aroma. The coffee, sugar and milk blend well. Some cafes prepare it in such a way that you can taste the three elements entirely on their own. Theirs lack good blending. Oh, try their croissants too!

The bad weather went through and through. Needless to say, we headed to Dundee. We planned to go back the next day but the weather was worst.

My friend asked me to rate St. Andrews by asking this, “If it is a guy, will you marry him?” I kept quiet for a while (a bad sign!) and finally said “maybe.” I didn’t quite get to know the place better. All I know is it’s a handsome place, nothing more than that. I will be back to visit again and who knows, maybe, I would even be the one proposing. 🙂

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