A Different London Trip

The Shard
The Shard
London at night
London at night

I have been blessed with having different sets of friends – from rowdy bitches to the cultured, smart ladies. One of my friends from the latter group was in London. Without any plan or whatsoever, I headed to King’s Cross. I crashed at her hotel and we spent the night making up for all the lost years. It was our first meeting after almost 6 years i think. Though she did visit me in Bangkok three years ago, I was just too busy to meet her.

Van Gogh's Sunflowers
Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

We spent the morning walking around the city center. The National Gallery Museum is amazing because of Van Gogh! You see, she is from my set of friends that balance my life with arts, culture and literature. (Wait till you meet my other friends that made Vodka a god!)

Van Gogh's crab (My friend sneaked to take a photo even if it was not allowed!)
Van Gogh’s crab (My friend sneaked to take a photo even if it was not allowed! Credit to her!)

The museum is showcasing the world’s famous Sunflowers but our favorite is the Crab! You cannot appreciate it unless you have a 3-5-meter distance. It is as if it’s alive, like a 3D! It’s awesome. Painters are recognized on their own brushstrokes and style. Van Gogh has this thick and vibrant stroke, very different from Monet and Pissarro.

Fritsch's Blue Chicken (Will only be there for 18 months)
Fritsch’s Blue Chicken (Will only be there for 18 months)

We roamed around after. Trafalgar square is just outside the museum. I still cannot fathom why they had chosen to put the blue chicken in the area. It did stand out among the gray sculptures with a deep-seated blue color and huge size. Almost an avant garde.

We moved on to the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Harrods, the old, plain London Bridge and other common attractions. While walking, I thought we were lost but turned out we were heading to Downing Street. It’s the famous number 10 office of the Prime Minister that Margaret Thatcher once said “one of the most precious jewels in the British heritage!” My friend wanted to take a photo outside the politically celebrated black door of Number 10.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
Majestic London Eye
Majestic London Eye
Big Ben
Big Ben
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

At night time, we didn’t make it to Les Miserables so we opted for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I don’t remember if the tickets were expensive or  sold out on a Friday night. Charlie, however, was worth watching because of superb theatrics and well-executed scenes. Definitely, it deserved the standing ovation it received after.

Prime meridianThe next day was an entirely a nerd trip. We went to the Greenwich district through a cruise to experience the “prime meridian moment” where an invisible line dividing the earth into the eastern and western hemispheres lies. As my friend said, we beat Jamie in the movie A Walk to Remember who was at two states at one time (Viriginia and North Carolina). I guess we did but she had Landon Carter with her! 🙂

Outside the Queen's house
Outside the Queen’s house

That night, she had to catch her plane back. She was in London for a week! She loves the city and its leisurely pace. Who doesn’t! It is entirely different from other bustling cities.

It was worth heading to London even though it was impulsive. But I regretted not checking out Mango in Oxford Street (Yes, I am a Mango fan). They have new collections for the spring and summer at affordable prices. Oh well, I will be back in few weeks for the Stonehenge. Maybe a side trip to the city center will do.

(It feels good blogging again. I’ll write about the town of Anstruther next time!)



  1. Beautiful blog and stunning pictures. I loved the way you have portrayed each and every aspect of your London tour. I have never been to London but I learnt many new things about London through your blog. I loved reading your post so keep sharing.


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