Autumn in UK

I love autumn! Trees are turning into eye candies! I love the bright colors against the blue sky. Lovely, breathtaking views that you’d love to take snapshots on. One of the photos was featured in the Daily Telegraph!

A quarter before 4 today, I invited a friend to take a walk in Lister Park who invited two more friends to come with us. Lister Park is a public park in Bradford, West Yorshire, UK. Very picturesque and calming. It gives you doses of positive vibes. Just what I need now!

Going back to school is not easy. I think for more than two weeks, I already read more or less five thousand pages of different books! Sometimes, you feel the stress, pressure and weariness but you have to block those three things. You cannot let it run into your system. You can’t feel tired. You just have to keep going. Good thing, I have few friends now to smile and laugh with. Here are some of the snapshots.









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