Behind the Greatest Love Story Ever Told

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They say the greatest love story ever told is of Romeo and Juliet’s. But do they know about Romeo’s first love, Rosaline? Of her pains and sacrifices? Of her unbreakable spirit? Of her kind heart and selfless love?

Romeo attended the ball hoping to get a glimpse of Rosaline. Instead, he saw Juliet. Just when you thought she was the one, it could come crashing back to you. Juliet was supposed to be his ultimate revenge but turned out to be his ultimate downfall.

Six years ago, he attended the Military Academy. He said, “Wait for me after 10 months.” A promise she held dearly in her heart. They were childhood sweethearts. Their mothers were best friends. But then destiny decided for he met Heidi. Who would not fall in love with a female aviator? Heidi was everything she was not. She pretended it was nothing. She told herself they were just buddies. He never cared to explain. Never said sorry for waiting. Never said, “Stop waiting.”

Two years ago, she learned they’ve been living together. She just smiled and pretended everything was okay. She hated nightfall because darkness made her feel alone, gloomy and miserable.

A year ago, she received a message, “I will call you one time and let’s talk.” She felt somewhat relieved. She knew it was the end but he was reaching out. They were after all childhood friends before they became lovers. That call never came. Just like before. It was more painful than the first. Harder. She eventually left to step back from the chaos, bitterness and maybe to find herself.

Just like Rosaline, people never knew about their own sweet love story. They look at him and Heidi like a picture-perfect couple without realizing someone had suffered behind this perfection. It is after all the greatest love story ever told.

Romeo and Juliet 2

P.S. For my dearest sister. Can’t help it. I’m happy knowing you’re more than happy now. 

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